Waterking Automatic Tablet Feeder

Electrochlor Salt Water Chlorinator

The Waterking Automatic Tablet Feeder is an excellent low cost form of automatic sanitisation, eliminating the need for the regular addition of granular chlorine ( or the equivalent ) to you pool or spa.

The Waterking Automatic Tablet Feeder is fully adjustable to control the amount of sanitizer that is added to the pool or spa.

By simply filling the container with Giant or Mini Chlorination Tablets or Bromine Sticks, the Waterking will ensure that your chlorine or bromine level is constantly maintained, giving you safe, clear, sparkling water all year round.

Please note: the waterking can only chlorinate Swimming Pools under 50,000 litres in size.


The Waterking Automatic Tablet Feeder represents the latest developments in chemical feed technology. Its robust construction, corrosion and UV resistance, and reliance on one simple venture operation, make Waterking the obvious choice in automatic pool sanitization.

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