Micron Commercial Fibreglass Filters

Design and built for high performance and reliability

Manufactured from the highest grade of non corrosive materials and employing the latest in fiberglass winding technology, Micron fiberglass filters are designed and built for many years of trouble free operation. Micron commercial fiberglass filters are available in top mount, side mount and horizontal configuration from filter areas of 0.87m2 to 11.0m2.

  • Precision fiberglass winding
  • UV and corrosion resistant
  • Hydraulically balanced laterals
  • Pressure rated at 250 kPa (36 psi), 400 kPa (58 psi), 600 kPa (87 psi) and up to 800 kPa (116 psi)
  • Optional sight glasses and lateral man holes
  • Optional vinyl ester tanks for commercial/industrial applications

Waterco's capacity for manufacturing a wide range of standard equipment as well its capability of adapting the product to customer's specifications has made Micron fibreglass vessels suitable for water theme parks, commercial swimming pools, hotel/resort pools, aquaculture, cooling towers, drinking water systems, food/beverage processing, industrial process, water features, zoos and aquariums.

Micron Horizontal Filters

The Micron Horizontal Filter is a space-saving high performer; its compact horizontal design allows installation with minimum waste of space. The shape of the Micron horizontal filter is both attractive and functional. The spherical ends are designed to give uniform flow from both inlet and outlet collection assemblies. Micron Horizontal filters are available with a 500mm (M) filter media bed and a 1200mm (MD) filter media bed.

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