Pool Maintenance Accessories


Leaf Skimmer

Ideal for leaves and debris that float on top of the pool.

Leaf Skimmer Deluxe

This deluxe leaf skimmer is designed to improve leaf and debris pickup.


Leaf Rake

Ideal for picking up leaves and debris from the surface and the floor of the pool.

Leaf Rake Deluxe

Ideal for picking up large debris from the surface and the swimming pool floor. The rake's leading edge lifts up debris and flicks it into the net.

Algae Brush

Designed to cut open the hard membrane of "Black Spot" algae so that an algaecide can effectively kill the algae.


Pool Broom

With no sharp edges and easy to brush bristles, this pool broom is ideal for brushing the pool's wall to dislodge algae and dirt.

Pool Broom Deluxe

With no sharp edges and long life nylon bristles, this pool broom is ideal for brushing the pool's walls to dislodge algae and dirt.

Brush Vacuum Head

Designed with rounded edges and bristles for vinyl pools, this Brush Vacuum Head will brush as well as vacuum the pool floor.


Flexible Vacuum Head

Weighted for optimum hydraulic balance and ease of use, this flexible vacuum head allows you to vacuum dirt and leaves quickly and efficiently from the pool floor.

Floating Tablet Dispenser

Designed for use with slow dissolving chlorine or bromine tablets.
~ Large float chamber.
~ Threaded cap.

Telescopic Handle 4-8ft & 8-16ft

These extendable Aluminium poles are designed for either small or large pools, allowing easy access to every part of your pool with a vacuum head or leaf head. The pole uses a standard internal Surelock Cam system to lock the pole at various lengths.


Test Kits

The test kits utilize the latest in tablet test technology using quick dissolving DPD Chlorine test tablets for accurate result.
DPD 2 in 1 Test Kit (31405) Convenient duo test kit for free chlorine and pH testing. DPD 4 in 1 Test Kit (31410) Convenient 4 in 1 test kit for available chlorine/bromine, pH level, alkalinity and acid demand.

Premium Vacuum Hose 38mm diameter

These Premium Vacuum Hoses are spirally wound and frequently welded for heavy duty use and long life. The free spinning swivel cuffs eliminate tangles and kinks.

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